Her Necessary Calamity Part 2 “Trust Without Borders”

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By Richard Gazowsky

Caroline walked up to the pleasant, attractive ticket agent to book her plane flight back to San Francisco. Suddenly she smelled the pleasant aroma of cherry blossom flowers coming from the direction of the agent. Immediately a flash crashed through the mentally dark, depressing walls of the poor way of thinking that had been snaking through her mind. The voice said simply, “Compliment her.” Caroline knew it was the Lord speaking to her, and the little girl inside of her giggled because she smelled cherry blossoms so strongly.  Continue reading

Her Necessary Calamity

“A Modern Day Parable”

By Richard Gazowsky

  Her name was Caroline, and she was blessed with shocking red hair that flowed in the wind like a parade of children’s flags. But the parade field she was marching across was America’s most prestigious military prep school.  She had been chosen to be enrolled there despite her low-class Irish beginnings. Today it was all coming to a head for they were marching across the parade field to take the final exam, which would decide whether she would be accepted in West Point or not. Continue reading

The Joy Of Washing Dishes And Walking Deeply With God

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By Richard Gazowsky

When God changes you He alters the very core of your personality, even to the center of your daily rhythm and cycle.  For example, when I was in my early 30’s God called me to pastor my current church in San Francisco.  At that time He made a simple statement to me that affected the direction of my life in a major way: “If you, Richard, will pray at 4:00 a.m. in the morning, I will do something with you that I have never done with anyone else.”  This really excited me because more than anything else I wanted to be special to God.  It was that passion for becoming special which caused me to make it a habit to wake up for prayer every morning at 4:00 a.m. ~ and do it consistently for eighteen years. Continue reading