“An Open Letter To The Prophet Timothy Snodgrass”


Good morning! After having woken up and started my morning prayer, I thought I would write you this letter.

I first would like to take time to thank you personally for coming to San Francisco when it felt like we were at the lowest point any church in history was ever at. You never complained about the offerings you received, about the lack of attendance, or even sometimes our inability to understand what you were prophesying about. Instead, you just came kept giving the word of God to us no matter how ridiculous and wonderful that word might’ve sounded.

Now those great words of God are coming to pass before our eyes! Each day my personal life experience is full of more pleasure than the previous one. Here is just one example to explain how wonderful things are for me. I recently had my eyes professionally examined and new glasses fitted for me. I had one pair of the new glasses for about a week when this last Tuesday night, Sunny, Gershom, and I were driving back from Los Angeles on Highway 5 after having booked a prophetic conference (which is to be held on October 27, 2014, at the California Grand Hotel at Disneyland).

While we are driving on a lonely stretch of highway, I suddenly had to go to the bathroom. We drove for a few minutes looking for a gas station, but like I said, it was a lonely stretch of highway. I had to go so badly I asked my son to take the next exit and had him pull over on a deserted roadway. I walked out to the middle of a field and went to the bathroom (as it was so dark no one could see me). I then looked up to the sky with my new glasses and to my amazement I could clearly see vast areas of the millions of dots of stars in the massive Milky Way over my head.

As I stood there alone in the field I was in awe because I had never seen such majesty before. My vision had been so fuzzy that I didn’t know what I had been missing! My new glasses made everything so clear that I could see the tiniest pinpoint lights of stars. Suddenly I was a little boy, and for 20 minutes I ran around the field in the chilly night as I studied the glorious night sky. It was stunning how beautiful and wonderful it was! I wanted to travel into outer space immediately! I hadn’t comprehended how much there was up there waiting for us.

As you might’ve imagined, Gershom and Sunny just laughed at me when I told them my experience. But Timothy, it was so wonderful that Jesus has opened my eyes. I felt like a blind Bartimaeus who said, “I can see! I can see! I can see!!” But for me the story even got more amazing because yesterday, which was Wednesday, we took my mother to the eye doctor to see about her eyes getting operated on.

The doctor explained something to me that literally sent chill bumps down my back. He said that the cataracts in her eyes had made her vision so fuzzy that she could not see people’s faces clear enough to see who they were and it had caused her to shrink back into a dark world. He then told us to look closely at my mother.

It was then we noticed that she never looked right at somebody. So many times she did not enter into a conversation because she felt like she was in another world and could not see what was going on in our world. I realized that when we give her the operation her eyes would suddenly be opened, she would see everything more clearly and begin to communicate to us so much more. Yesterday we saw my mother walking to the kitchen. She was holding onto the counter as she tried to get around the house on her own without a wheelchair or anybody’s help.

Through all of this I realized that God is beginning to open up everybody’s eyes and we will all see the glory of God. The things that you, Timothy, have prophesied about are not only coming to pass, but our eyes are being opened so we can see the bright and beautiful tomorrow that God has for all of us! I wish to thank you again for coming to San Francisco, for becoming my brother, praying for us, for allowing such a wonderful family to also be our friends, for being patient, and most of all for carrying the word of God to our beautiful city.


Your brother in Christ, and brother in the flesh, and fellow goofy friend,

 Richard Gazowsky

It All Starts At Home

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By Richard Gazowsky
A few weeks ago, when Rocki and Misty were leading worship in A Place To Meet Jesus, Misty said this:  “We need to go back to the ruby red slippers and remember that there is no place like home.” I added her quote to one of the downloads I listen to in worship and I have been mulling over the statement since she said it.  I have realized how powerful her message is, and that I feel all of us who want change need to first understand that it all begins at home.  This is so contrary to many voices in the world that say the way to get ahead is to leave home and go to some place far away.  But I have found that God really works with what is around us.  Let’s look at the big picture for a few minutes…  Continue reading

This Time Keep It Secret

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by Richard Gazowsky

I am writing this blog on 12/12/12.  Because you are spiritually sensitive I am sure you are well aware of this date and it’s spiritual significance.  Jesus choose twelve apostles, the New Jerusalem has twelve gates and is built on twelve foundations.  The Lord has spoken an important word to us and said we would be changing from a “penetrating” mode to an “establishing” mode of operation.  This word was given to us by Harold Eberle on May 28, 2000, where God said, “You penetrated the area I wanted you to penetrate and you have succeeded, but it’s just not for your success.  There will be two, two other significant ministries that are going to rise under the penetration that you made… I will change you from penetrating in that area, to establishing and building the foundation of which I spoke to you.”  I believe this prophecy is very significant because it is coming to pass even today as I write this blog. Continue reading