Twitter Instructions

If you would like to receive prophetic words on your cell phone by SMS (text) messaging, or be able to read them online, here are simple instructions on how to do so. We have a special link to, which is a free message service that sends prophetic words from our daily church service, held every Monday through Friday at 3:00 PM. “WYSI” is the name that Pastor Richard sends these prophetic words from. You can sign up for it by following the simple steps below:

1. Log on to and click on the green ‘Get started- Join!’ button on the bottom of the page.

2. Fill out the information required. Your email will not be shared with anyone. Unless you want extra emails from Twitter, make sure you do not check the box that says “I want the inside scoop-please send me email updates!”. Leave it blank. When you’re done, hit the green “Create my account” button on the bottom of the page.

3. The next screen that comes up is optional. If you don’t want it to search your email list and look for your friends on Twitter, just hit the blue text that says “Skip this step”, located underneath the green “Continue” button.

4. The next screen is also an optional step of registration. If you don’t want to add the people shown on the page to your twitter account, just repeat the previous step and click on “Skip this step”.

5. ***VERY IMPORTANT STEP*** The next screen is your home screen. To find “WYSI” on twitter, go to the top right hand corner of the screen and click on the blue text that says “Find People”.

6. When the next screen prompts you to type “Who are you looking for?”, type WYSI in the box and hit the “Search” button.

7. Now you have found us! Click on the WYSI/Richard Gazowsky button that says “Follow”.

8. Go back to your home page by clicking the blue text on the top right hand corner of the page that says ‘Home’ on it, and you will get a list of the most recent prophetic words given in our services.

9. ****VERY IMPORTANT STEP*** If you want to receive the words instantly as they are given, this is how to set up your cell phone to receive them via SMS messaging:
A) On the top of your home screen, look for the blue text in the top right hand corner of the screen that says ‘Settings.’ Click on it.
B) You will be taken to your ‘account’ page. In the middle of the page by the top, you will see a series of tabs. Click on the tab named ‘Devices.’ This refers to your cell phone.
C) In the box under Mobile Phone instructions, enter your telephone number. If you live in the USA, the instructions are as follows: Type a plus sign ( + ) and immediately, with no spaces, type a ’1′ followed by your area code and phone number. It should look like this: +14151234567. Then, click in the box below where it says ‘It’s okay for Twitter to send txt messages…’. The reason they ask you this question is that Twitter does not charge you anything, but some phone services have a charge per text message, depending on your plan. Most plans have an unlimited text message program. We will only send you an average of two messages a day and no message is longer than 140 characters.
**NOTE:** There are a few mobile phone services that are not compatible with twitter, but there are websites that can fix this problem. Here’s a link that addresses this problem (for Cellular One, Metro PCS, Cricket and Cincinnati Bell cell users): Click Here